Interactive Mapping Service

Welcome to the newest high-tech service offered in the county, our Interactive Mapping Service!  Interactive Mapping lets you view high-quality maps, and allows you to create your own maps, using County data.   It also allows you to print close-ups of your home or any piece of property in the county.   Click on the following links to get started.

What is ArcIMS?

With ArcIMS you can...


Completed Parcels

Choose from the following map services: 

Utilities   The Utilities map service Martin County maintained water and sanitary sewer services. 

2004 DOI Imagery Download   Download the 2004 digital ortho imagery in MrSID format.

Survey Control   The Survey Control map service contains Martin County manintained bench mark elevations and hyerlinks to NGS control within Martin County.

Hurricane  The Hurricane map service contains damage information related to Hurricanes.

General  The general map is a basic map of Martin County. 

Land Use Map   This map contains Martin County's land use and zoning!!!

Parcel Map  The parcel map contains parcel boudaries and parcel annotation.

Proposed Developments  The proposed developments contains land developments under review.

Open Road Status Map  This map contains Martin County's open and unopen road status.

Road Assets Map  This map contains Martin County maintained features that are contained in the road right of ways.  These features are displayed live from the County's Asset Management System (Hansen).

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